Marketing Lifecycle Management

Enabling "top-line" growth, tracking, and ROI of single-channel and integrated marketing campaigns.

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Workato's marketing ops automation eliminates manual time spent in handoffs to increase speed-to-market of critical campaigns.
  • Workato's marketing ops automation eliminates manual time spent in handoffs to increase speed-to-market of critical campaigns.
  • Problem

    Modern marketers are well-supported by thousands of new growth-accelerating tools, yet they struggle to truly automate work and sync data across on-prem and cloud applications. They end up with unscalable, costly custom integration "solutions" that create more problems when "native connectors" aren't robust enough for complex enterprise data transactions.

  • Solution

    Marketing lifecycle activities across all systems need to be seamlessly triggered and automated when budgets are aligned, tactics and assets are created, campaigns are launched and results are measured. Workato provides reliable and timely connectivity to legacy on-prem systems, compliance tools, and BI reporting without routing data through a particular platform.

  • Impact

    Marketing lifecycle automation enables speed-to-market without sacrificing brand compliance or data quality. Marketers can focus on truly connecting with the customers as time previously spent on manual hand-offs for budgeting, campaign assignments, metadata tracking, and reporting are now automated, at-scale, as a holistic solution.

Solution Highlights

  • Align cost center and budgeting data to campaign strategy
  • Trigger the creation of campaign plans and work assignments
  • Track digital assets and metadata through the campaign lifecycle
  • Sync contracts, pricing and customer data across applications
  • Track stage gates, launch calendars, labor efforts, and spend for campaigns all the way from campaign brief/inception to launch.
  • adobe_aemoraclesapworkfront

    Streamline financial approvals and assignments

    Track budgets against effort spent on marketing tactics across financial and productivity tools

  • marketosalesforceworkfront

    Sync in-market metrics against budget

    Sync new leads, contacts and trigger notifications

  • seismicsalesforceworkfront

    Request sales collateral and support

    Route requests across systems, and push approved master content back into Sales Enablement and CMS tools for sales teams

  • snowflaketableau

    Visualize Customer 360

    Create easy-to-consume visualizations using BI tools

Implementation Plan

  • 1

    Discovery & Research

    Discuss best practices from market leaders

    Outcome: Prioritized Automation Plan

  • 2

    Collaborative building

    Outcome: Working Automation

  • 3

    Testing & business unit training

  • 4

    Go live!